How to use the Bankruptcy Q and A

Under the resources section of is a question and answer format document that provides bankruptcy information.  (  It is several pages long and might seem to answer all your quesitons.  It does not and can not answer all your questions about bankruptcy law.  It does provide some basic informaiton and will point you in the right direction.    After reading the Q&A, it would not be surprising if you had new questions that you need to ask one of our lawyers.  An example of this occured the other day when a client, after reading the section on earned but unpaid wages and vacation leave was concerned that sick leave was treated the same way.   Sick leave is in fact treated differently and it is uselly exempt.   If after going through the Questions and Answers, you have more questions, contact use at and we will try to get back to you.  You can also make an appointment to come in and discuss your case in greater detail.

  Daniel Carroll




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